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Bacon County Hospital and Health System Department Directors

Chief Executive Officer

Cindy Turner

912-632-8961 x1017
photo of Cindy Turner

Chief Operating Officer / Pharmacy / Physician Recruiter

Kyle Lott, PharmD, MHA

912-632-8961 x1009
photo of Kyle Lott

Chief Financial Officer

Cheryl Dubose, CPA

912-632-8961 x1045
photo of Cheryl Dubose

ABC Child Development Center

Sandi Boatright

photo of Sandi Boatright


912-632-8961 x1084

Diagnostic Imaging

Amy Johnson

912-632-8961 x1089
photo of Amy Johnson

Environmental Services

Frank Smith

912-632-8961 x1179
photo of Frank Smith

Financial Services

Brenda Williamson

912-632-8961 x1159
photo of Brenda Williamson

Health Information Management

Alissa Peacock

912-632-8961 x1072
photo of Alissa Peacock

Human Resources

Kerry McLaughlin

912-632-8961 x1049
photo of Kerry McLaughlin

Information Systems

Neil O'Steen

912-632-8961 x1057
photo of Neil Osteen


Christy Walters

912-632-8961 x1024
photo of Christy Walters

Long Term Care Administrator

Sherry King, RN

912-632-7293 x1204
photo of Sherry King

Director of Nursing Services, Acute Care

Deanna Hoff, RN

912-632-8961 x1014
photo of Deanna Hoff

Assistant Director of Nursing Services, Acute Care

Rachel Ellis, RN, BSN

912-632-8961 x1125
photo of Rachel Ellis

Nutrition Services

Lisa Cullins

912-632-8961 x1021
photo of Lisa Cullins

Physician Operations

Sherry Cason

912-632-2952 x2267
photo of Sherry Cason

Plant Services

D.L. Cothern

912-632-8961 x1076
photo of Cothern

Public Relations

Debbie Spivey

912-632-8961 x1092
photo of Debbie Spivey

Quality Management

DeAnn Flanders, RN, CIC

912-632-8961 x1039
photo of DeAnn Flanders

Assistant Director of Nursing Long Term Care

Miranda Barnes, RN

912-632-8961 x1210
photo of Miranda Barnes

Director of Nursing Services Long Term Care

Althoria Gordon, RN

912-632-8961 x1209
photo of Althorian Gordon