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The Right Care

The Right Place

The Right Time

Avoiding unnecessary trips to the ER can save you money.

Knowing when to visit the emergency room, our after hours center, or your own provider can be confusing, and with new insurance requirements, a wrong decision can be expensive.

The average price of an ER visit in Georgia in 2015 was $1,863.*

Many insurance companies, like BC/BS, will not pay for ER visits that could have been cared for in a non-emergent setting.

Emergency Room?

Conditions which threaten life and limb, including chest pain, heart palpitations, stroke symptoms, difficulty breathing, etc.

After Hours Center?

If you'd see your provider but his/her office is closed or you cannot get an appointment for injuries that are not life-threatening.

Your Provider?

Physicals, immunizations, sick visits, and help managing chronic conditions. Seeing your provider regularly helps you save money and stay healthier.

Whether in our ER or the Bacon County Community Care Center, when you need us...

You're In MY Care!

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