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Bacon County Hospital and Health System now offers digital mammography capability.

Digital mammography uses new detection technologies and computers instead of film. In a landmark clinical study of more than 42,000 women, this method proved better at detecting breast cancer in women under 50, pre- and peri-menopausal women, and women with dense breasts. Digital mammogram images are 15 percent more accurate among women under age 50 or not yet in menopause, and 11 percent more accurate among women with dense breasts.

From the patient's perspective, the procedure for a digital mammogram is the same as for a conventional film mammogram. However, since the images are available almost immediately and no film development time is necessary, the wait time for the patient is less.

We use Fuji's Synapse® PACS, or Picture Archiving and Communication System, which enables the digital mammograms to be electronically viewed, transmitted and stored. Synapse enables the interpreting physician to use digital tools to electronically enhance and magnify the images, and to adjust the contrast to better examine any suspicious areas. This reduces the need for the patient to be called back for additional exposures. The PACS also facilitates long-distance consultations with other specialists since the digital images can be readily transmitted to other facilities. They can also readily be transferred to a CD if a patient needs to take them to another facility.